Titan Ultra Ceramic Apex Seals (Rx8)

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Titan Ceramic Apex Seals
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Titan Ceramic Apex Seals

Titan Ultra Ceramic Apex Seals (Rx8)


We are very pleased to announce that we now are able to offer for sale our Renesis engine 2 piece TITAN ULTRA SEALS apex seals by Precision Ceramics/ Hayward Rotary suitable for both naturally aspirated or forced induction.
We have spent much time testing these in our own cars making sure they really do the job.

4-6 Week Lead Time for manufacture

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What are the advantages over any other seal on the market?

1. Almost zero measurable wear which has multiple benefits including better sealing for much longer time and also spring pressure remains stronger behind the seal and better starting.
2 The material has a natural low friction and is therefore kind to the rotor housings and does not need excessive lubrication. In point of fact hardly any lubrication is required and mainly needed for the side seals and corner seals once these seals are installed so only the stock oil metering pump is required and no longer is there a need to premix a quantity of oil into the petrol for extra lubrication.
The use of external oil reservoirs for the oil metering pump becomes unnecessary with these seals too.
3. The nature of the seals is they are also lighter than any stock or aftermarket seal made of ferrous metal and so they do not skip at high rpm over the minor axis in the rotor housing where centripetal motion is encountered
4. Stronger than stock OEM seals. Incorporated into the material are microfibres to give greater strength. Of course detonation can destroy any seal so tuning of forced induction applications must be done carefully and these seals are good for turbo or supercharged engines provided tuning is carried out in the correct way
5. The seals have a low expansion in heat compared to ferrous material and thus are able to retain very accurate size and shape
6. For long term road use or competition racing these seals will last a very long time and even can be reused if engine does ever need to be stripped provided that the engine was built well and maintained well.
7. If rotor housings are not new these seals are also fine but as in all rebuilt rotary engine's the rotor housings must be good condition with little scoring and all chrome in tact
8. The wear on the rotor housings is very good due to the compatibility of the seals with the hard Chrome plate