Hayward Rotary is a UK based specialist in Mazda rotary engines. Hayward Rotary has built engines for various street and circuit cars. Hayward Rotary build engines to the highest standards, with power output from 220bhp from a lightly tuned stock RX-8 engine to 800+ bhp peripheral ported 13B engines and 1000bhp 20B's!
Hayward Rotary has built many race-winning engines including the engines Darren McNamara's RE86, Brunswick Motorsports award-winning GT FD3S and various others. Apart from motorsports Hayward Rotary also services all rotary powered cars.

Our Story

The 1980's were a pre internet age full of optimism for Mazda's amazing little rotary engine. 

Seeing rotaries win touring car championships both in Europe and Australia an many races in the USA was very inspirational to many people including Carl Hayward, the founder of Hayward Rotary.

Over the years since the 1980's Hayward Rotary have managed to build up a team of very capable and knowledgeable  technicians to look after and modify any type of rotary engined vehicles, including motorcycles.